Essential Cooking Equipment For Commercial Kitchen

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What cooking equipment is essential in your commercial kitchen? While there are certain things that most chefs want in their kitchens, the answer to that question can be surprisingly specific, depending on an individual chef’s cooking style, the size of the kitchen, the type of kitchen, and personal preferences. Most chefs will begin to build their kitchens based on the model of kitchens that they have previously used, incorporating cooking equipment that has worked successfully for them in the past. However, this might not be the best approach when equipping a kitchen for a new restaurant or other commercial venture. This is particularly true if a restaurateur is not the chef or is a chef, but has never previously equipped a commercial kitchen. The challenge is to make sure that your kitchen has all of the cooking equipment that you need without overstocking the kitchen, wasting money on equipment that you will not use or crowd your kitchen and make it less efficient for cooking.

Build The Perfect Kitchen

The restaurant equipment experts at Auto Ice Maker can help you build the perfect kitchen, tailored not only to the size of your cooking space, but also to the type of food you want to prepare. Experts, not only on brands, but also on equipment, they can help you pick the quality new or used equipment you need to turn out the high-quality food you want to serve. This is because they focus on reliability and consistency as the two most important elements of commercial cooking equipment.

Most Reliable Brands

Of course, Auto Ice Maker has a reputation for stocking the most reliable brands in the restaurant equipment business: Hoshikazi, American Range, Beverage Air, Continental, Excellence, Fogel, Follett, Howard-McCray, Howe, Infrico USA, Leer, Master Bilt, Sure Col, and Systems IV. In addition to cooking equipment, we also offer ice makers, freezers, refrigeration equipment, and display cases, making us a one-stop shop for all of your commercial kitchen needs.

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