Howe Flake Ice Machines

Howe Flake Ice Machines


Howe Corporation manufactures a line of flake ice machines ranging in size from 1,000 pounds per day up through 20,000 pounds per day. This line of ice machines was specifically designed for food cooling applications. Our flakers are available in a variety of configurations, remote low sides, (to be connected to your refrigeration system), 1000 & 2000 pound models are also available as self-contained air or water cooled.


The Howe Ice Flaker consists of a stationary vertical freezing drum. An electric water pump is used to recirculate and distribute the water over the inside surface of the drum. An ice blade attached to a rotating shaft scores and wedges the ice off the drum without actually touching the drum itself. The ice drops into a storage bin below while excess water is recirculated over the freezing drum. The ice is sub cooled so when harvested, the ice temperature is 22° F.

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The showroom is located in Middlesex, NJ and hosts a large selection of all the products that we distribute from commercial ice makers, commercial cooking equipment, bar equipment, reach-in refrigerators and freezers, glass door merchandisers, and deli display cases. Come see all of our equipment in person… It Makes a Difference!!! Give us a call (888) 979-0177. Be sure to visit Auto Ice on Google Plus.

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