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Product Description:

The Follett 12CI425A-L countertop nugget ice dispenser features a sturdy stainless steel frame and exterior that’s accented by sleek, black plastic trim. For long-term durability, the drain pan, grill, and dispenser lid are constructed of corrosion-resistant plastic, while the auger and evaporator are stainless steel. To streamline maintenance, access panels can be removed, and components can be cleaned within an hour. Key food-zone components are treated with antimicrobial to minimize bacterial growth between standard cleanings, and for additional protection, the drain cup creates an internal air gap to keep drain line contaminants from the food zone. An LED display system enables users to quickly determine the machine’s operating status.

Ideal for water, soft drinks, and iced tea, the Follett 12CI425A-L water and ice dispenser produces Chewblet® nugget-style ice—a soft, chewable ice type. The unit can produce 425 pounds of ice per day in ideal conditions and has a storage bin capacity of 12 pounds; it’s insulated with foamed-in-place polyurethane to reduce the rate at which the ice melts. An automatic self-flushing feature removes impurities and contaminants from the inlet water, and users can activate the water or ice dispensers using the front levers. During idle periods, this unit goes into Quiet Night™ sleep mode to conserve energy. For efficient cooling, this air-cooled unit uses R-404A refrigerant. Overall, this dispenser measures 163/25 inches wide by 231⁄2 inches deep by 321⁄2 inches high and ships fully assembled.