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Product Description:

The Follett 12CI425A-S countertop ice and water dispenser reduces contact with ice compared to ice machine bin combo units. In 24 hours, the unit can produce 425 pounds of ice, though this amount depends on low ambient air and incoming water temperatures. Because the ice machine produces chewable nugget ice, it works well in applications that frequently make drinks. During idle periods, the unit automatically shuts down to save energy and reduce noise production.

Designed with sanitation in mind, this Follett 12CI425A-S nugget ice and water dispenser has a SensorSAFE™ design that uses an infrared beam to detect cups in the dispensing area, automatically dispensing without a push lever. To ensure ice is clean and fresh, it also has a self-flush feature that eliminates impurities in the water. An antimicrobial agent is built into the food zone parts to slow bacteria growth, and these components are accessible behind removable panels. Cleaning and sanitizing the ice machine takes just one hour, while the unit ships fully assembled and is convenient to install because it only has three connections—electric, water, and drain.