Fogel Froster Series Bottle Coolers

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Product Description:

  • In hot markets, consumers constantly request to be served “The coolest beer available”. The FROSTER units satisfy this consumer preference first by sight, then by touch, and finally by taste.
  • The FROSTER has a new and revolutionary deep cooling system for bottles beer, which cools in such a way that a layer of frost appears over the bottles when they are removed from the refrigerator. Your products can be cooled at a temperature of 21°F, without freezing the beer, At this temperature, your customers will inherently perceive “refreshment” as another of your product’s main attributes.
  • The FROSTER units are appropriate for restaurants, bars, or for any event or venue with a high turnover of on-premise beer consumption.
  • As an added benefit, these units can rapidly freeze the mugs as well.