Used Ice Machines

Used Ice Machines

Are you looking for Used Commercial Ice Machines on sale in NJ? Is you business in need of an Ice Maker but don’t feel like a new commercial ice maker? If yes then Automatic Ice Maker Company, Auto Ice, is what you need. Auto Ice has a large selection of quality and certified used Ice Makers in NJ.

Why Automatic Ice Maker Company is your Best Option when Selling your Used Ice Machines in NJ.

Used Ice Machines, NJHoshizaki Ice Makers, NJ, Auto IceWhether you are looking to upgrade your equipment or closing your doors, you want the most money for your Used Ice Machines and you want the whole selling process to be done as soon and painlessly as possible. Automatic Ice Maker Co. has been in business since 1961 and knows the equipment better than anyone else. We know the true value of your Used Ice Machines, can offer you the best price on it and can even pick it up from you. If you are looking to upgrade from Used to New Ice Machines, Auto Ice the widest variety of choices and the top experts available to help you move as seamlessly as possible to your New Ice Machine..

Don’t waste time going back and forth on Craigslist or Ebay, haggling over prices & being asked if you can deliver the equipment. With Automatic Ice Maker Company, you get the most money for your Used Ice Machine Equipment and we will pick it up from you as soon as possible. Auto Ice is the fastest, easiest way to get the most money for your Equipment and you won’t have to spend any money or time advertising.

Why Buy Used Restaurant Equipment

When you’re starting out in a new business, you want the best of everything. The best equipment money can buy, the most exclusive location with lots of traffic and easy access, the best, fanciest lighting and fixtures, the works. The perfect mix of location, ambiance, and menu. Why Buy Used Restaurant Equipment NJThe reality hits you squarely in the budget when you realize that you can’t afford the best of everything or you’ll sink your enterprise before it even gets off the ground. The sad reality is that more than half of all newly opened restaurants shut their doors in the first year. You have a big opportunity but business will always be a challenge. Auto Ice understands this which is why we want to help. Auto Ice has a large collection of used restaurant equipment featuring some of the best stock in New Jersey. Read More on Used Restaurant Equipment Here.

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