Tips for Buying New Refrigeration Equipment in NJ

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Refrigeration Equipment in NJRestaurant and commercial refrigeration equipment is called on to perform consistently and reliably. This is a big set of demands when you think of the wear and tear these machines might face. If you are in the food business in any way and you need to get your hands on optimal commercial refrigeration equipment, it will mean finding a reputable dealer to ensure the best outcomes. Why a dealer and not a brand? You may notice that there are more than just a handful of brands, and a good dealer with ample experience is going to steer you towards the right fit for your needs and budget.

Brands Matter

Most consumers know that brand preferences are not always a good thing. For example, insist that all of your clothing come from a limited range of brands and you might miss out on quality, options and more. The same can be said of commercial refrigerators, and you’ll need to look at the brands currently offering the very best quality systems, and within the niche, you are seeking. Is it a reach in, counter model or some other style? Know the niche and then ask for the top brands from which to choose.

Ask about Warrantees

Nothing is ever going to last forever, and even a good brand may experience some issues that lead to it failing or breakdowns. Find out what you can expect if this happens and work with brands or suppliers that offer reliable warranty coverage on both parts and labor. Be sure service techs are also in the area.

Consider Size

Refrigerators are configured in different ways, and you’ll want to start with the space you have available and your specific needs, and then work with your vendor to figure out the ideal style and size for your restaurant or food service business. There are models with one, two and three doors, reach in styles, models for beneath counters and more. Remember, too, that whatever is purchased has to fit through the doors into the restaurant!


Where is the condenser? It is what does the heavy lifting of refrigeration, and you need to choose between a top or bottom mount. Figure out how easily you can clean the different options and whether or not one style over the other is better suited to your needs.

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