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Why Auto Ice Ice Machines?


Automatic Ice Maker Company is New Jersey’s leading provider of commercial ice making equipment. Started in 1961, Automatic Ice Maker began by focusing on commercial ice making equipment. While the business, which is still family owned and operated, has expanded into commercial restaurant and refrigeration equipment, we have continued to ensure that the ice making equipment we provide is only from reputable brands and back what we sell with a reputation we have earned through over 50 years of quality customer service. We like to say that we are not just selling ice makers, we are selling peace of mind. Our customers know that they will not only be able to choose from a huge selection of products from the top manufacturers, but also that they will find competitive pricing, driver assisted deliveries, and knowledgeable and friendly salespeople who will help out with the process.

Our customer service does not end once a sale is made. The reality is that commercial equipment requires maintenance to run at top performance. That is why we have a well-stocked and dependable parts department, which can help keep your equipment running.

Ice Machines

We offer products by some of the best commercial restaurant equipment companies in the business including: Hoshikazi, American Range, Beverage Air, Continental, Excellence, Fogel, Follett, Howard-McCray, Howe, Infrico USA, Leer, Master Bilt, Sure Col, and Systems IV. You can explore our products on-line, but, unless you are already searching for a specific make and model, we encourage you to come visit our Middlesex showroom and warehouse, where you can engage in a real-life comparison of the products you are exploring. Our salespeople can find out what your needs are an help steer you towards a product that will meet your needs and give you room to grow, without trying to sell you on a product that is too big for your projected business needs.

What if new equipment is out of your budget range? A common first-time restaurant owner mistake is to buy all brand-new top-of-the-line equipment without first establishing a customer base, which can ultimately put your business at risk. Automatic Ice Maker can still help you with the commercial ice maker you need for your business. We buy and sell good condition used equipment and can help you find the right make and model used equipment for your business. We can also help you understand what kind of equipment is a good buy used and what type of equipment should be purchased new.

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