Pros and Cons of Buying Used Restaurant Equipment

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Do you have or plan to have a restaurant, cafeteria, brewpub, or bar in New Jersey? If so, you have probably already investigated your options for restaurant equipment. One of the biggest decisions you have to make when purchasing new restaurant equipment or upgrading what you have is whether or not to buy used equipment. Used equipment can come at a considerable cost savings, but you should first know about the pros and cons of buying used restaurant equipment in New Jersey.


  1. Used restaurant equipment saves you money. This is probably the most obvious reason for buying used restuarnat equipment in New Jersey, where the cost of running your restuarnat or bar is already high. To save yourself money, consider buying used equipment from retailers like Automatic Ice Maker.
  2. Used equipment is often in great condition, and sometimes even comes with the original manufacturers warranty. When you purchase your used restaurant equipment from retailers like Automatic Ice Maker in New Jersey, you know you are getting the top value for your dollar.
  3. Used restaurant equipment is safe. Retailers like Automatic Ice Maker check each piece of used equipment they resell, so you are not taking any chances. When you are buying used equipment, definitely consider going through a used retailer like Automatic.


  1. The selection of used equipment is not the same as for new equipment. If you are looking for something very specific or rare, then you might not find it used right away.
  2. If you are in a hurry, you might need to buy new. Because the selection of used equipment varies a lot, you might have to wait until the exact right piece of equipment comes your way.

Unless you buy your used equipment from a reputable retailer like Automatic Ice in New Jersey, you won’t know what you’re getting.

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