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JWJ Used Restaurant Equipment Outlet NJ

Specializing in New Factory “Scratch & Dent” & Quality
“Pre-Owned” Restaurant Equipment

Buying Used Restaurant Equipment in NJ

Used Restaurant EquipmentInterested in purchasing some pre-owned quality Restaurant Equipment in NJ? Look no further than Auto Ice Maker Co. Auto Ice is proud to announce our large inventory of used Restaurant Equipment in NJ. Please call our sales department for more information on purchasing our quality used Restaurant Equipment in NJ. You can also content us via email using the button below.


Selling Used Restaurant Equipment in NJ

Interested in selling some of your Restaurant Equipment in NJ? Have a NJ based business and need some Restaurant Equipment picked up? Look no further than Auto Ice Maker Co. Auto Ice is proud to announce that we are now purchasing used Restaurant Equipment in NJ. Please call our sales department for more information on selling your used Restaurant Equipment in NJ. You can also content us via email using the button below. Be sure to visit Auto Ice on Google Plus.

The Benefits of Selling Used Restaurant Equipment

Of course, in order to offer our customers used commercial restaurant equipment, Automatic Ice Maker Company must also purchase the same. If you are looking to sell unwanted, used commercial restaurant equipment due to going out of business or upgrades, Automatic Ice Maker Company can help, whether your transaction involves one piece of equipment or multiple sales. We offer equipment pick up in New Jersey, and our value assessments are fair and accurate due to our extensive industry experience. Selling your used commercial restaurant equipment to Automatic Ice Maker Company will save time wasted with potential purchasers who often drag their feet, avoid the expense of sales advertisements, and eliminate price haggling and possible payment problems with buyers.

Decades of Dedication to Every Customer

Used Restaurant Equipment, NJ, New JerseySince Sid Singer founded the Automatic Ice Maker Company back in 1961, the Singer family has provided quality, hassle-free refrigerator, freezer, ice maker, and display solutions for restaurants, delis, stores, and warehouses across New Jersey, the tri-state area, and beyond. Through consistently maintaining a well-stocked, extensive new and used equipment inventory of reputable brands, first-class customer care, and guaranteed service, the Automatic Ice Maker Company has maintained its position as New Jersey’s leader in the buying and selling of commercial refrigeration equipment.

Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment NJWhether shopping online, over the phone, or in person at our Middlesex, NJ showroom conveniently located in Central New Jersey, all Automatic Ice Maker Company customers benefit from competitive pricing, same-day shipping, and expert advice that ensures that all new and used equipment purchases meet our customers’ budget and performance expectations.

Used Restaurant Equipment, NJ, New JerseyAutomatic Ice Maker Company’ extensive knowledge and more than half a century of experience helps all customers confidently and easily purchase new or used restaurant equipment, sell unwanted used restaurant equipment, and repair existing equipment without hassles or undesirable surprised. With great pride and dedication, we save our customers time and money while eliminating the stress typically involved with large equipment purchases and sales.

Restaurant Kitchen Equipment NJCall us today or stop by our showroom in Central New Jersey. Put our expertise to work for your benefit, as we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have related to buying new and used equipment or selling used, unwanted equipment. Our new and used commercial refrigerator, freezer, and display solutions free up your time and money, allowing you to focus on what is most important: your customers.

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JWJ Restaurant Equipment Outlet NJ

JWJ Restaurant Equipment Outlet
600 Lincoln Blvd, Middlesex, NJ 08846
(800) 423-4787

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Automatic Ice Parts Department

The Automatic Ice parts department stocks everything you will ever need for Ice-O-Matic, Kold Draft, and Howe Ice Equipment. They have a large stock of Beverage Air replacement parts. Contact Automatic Ice Parts Department at 1-800-423-4787

Ordering With Automatic Ice

The Automatic Ice parts department will be happy to order you anything you might need for any brand of refrigeration equipment – even if its a brand we do not distribute. Don't forget Automatic Ice is now Purchasing Used Restaurant Equipment in NJ. Be sure to ask about our new New Restaurant Equipment and Used Restaurant Equipment.