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Ice makers make ice. A concept that is simple, but for a business looking for ice makers, the decision of what ice maker to choose can actually be a surprisingly complex one. What capacity ice maker does your business need? Will you be purchasing a single unit or multiple units? What type of ice do you want? While all ice is frozen water, people can be very particular about the type of ice that they want, with different people liking cubes, flakes, and nuggets. Moreover, the intended commercial use for the ice can help guide the type of ice needed.

Top Selling Ice Makers

Businesses using ice to keep products cold in buffet settings may prefer the larger-size cubes as more melt-resistant, while businesses using ice in drinks may prefer flakes. The use of nuggets, which many people consider the best ice for chewing, can actually bring in customers specifically interested in your ice.

The Best Names For The Best Price

Automatic Ice Maker is proud to offer a full range of ice makers and restaurant equipment from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, including: Blue Air, Ice-O-Matic, Royal Range, True Mfg, Globe, Kool-It, Beverage Air, Continental, Fogel, Follett, Howard-McCray, and Systems IV. We offer an extensive overview of our products on-line, which is a great place to start if you already know exactly what you are trying to find. However, what separates Automatic Ice Maker from our competition is our top-notch sales force. Whether in-person at our Middlesex, New Jersey showroom or on the phone, one of our salespeople will be happy to discuss your needs and help you pick the ice maker that is best suited to your business. They can also let you know if there is any used equipment in stock that will meet your needs; Automatic Ice Maker buys and sells good condition used equipment, which can be a great starting place for someone looking to stock a new business.

Some of the things you will need to consider when choosing your ice maker are: whether it is for business or personal use, your industry, your current and projected ice needs, the type of ice you want to have, how many machines you want to meet your needs, your desired energy efficiency, your budget, and the size space you have available for your ice machine(s). For example, you may find that multiple machines will meet your needs better than a single large machine.

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Automatic Ice Parts Department

The Automatic Ice parts department stocks everything you will ever need for Ice-O-Matic, Hoshizaki, Kold Draft, and Howe Ice Equipment. They have a large stock of Beverage Air replacement parts. Contact Automatic Ice Parts Department at 1-800-423-4787

Ordering With Automatic Ice

The Automatic Ice parts department will be happy to order you anything you might need for any brand of refrigeration equipment – even if its a brand we do not distribute. Don't forget Automatic Ice is now Purchasing Used Restaurant Equipment in NJ. Be sure to ask about our new New Restaurant Equipment and Used Restaurant Equipment.