Tips for Maintaining Kitchen Equipment

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Having the right equipment is crucial to a New Jersey kitchen running smoothly. Even more important is the cleaning and maintenance of kitchen equipment.

Proper care and maintenance of kitchen equipment do not include just cleaning appliances and work surfaces every day. You must also make time to do professional deep cleanings of your freezers, walk-ins, and ventilation hoods.

In addition, glides, hinges, and motors must all be lubricated regularly. All appliances need to be tested and inspected to ensure everything remains in perfect working order. Any necessary repairs should be included in your budget as quickly as possible.

How to Maintain Kitchen Equipment

Knowing how to maintain kitchen equipment properly is important because lost time means lost revenue. Therefore, you need to take the time to learn the best way to keep all of your equipment up and running.

Refrigeration Equipment

  • Check the air filters in coolers, refrigerators, and ice machines. Remove any debris with a shop vac.
  • Repair any tears or cracks around the door gaskets. Clean the gaskets as well as any moving parts.
  • Clean the drain pans and tubes of any slime or sludge.


  • Check for gas leaks every four to six weeks.
  • Clean combustion fans once a month.
  • Boil out the fryer weekly.

Grills, Griddles, and Ranges

  • Clean burners, flattops, grease traps, and grates after every use.
  • Clean exhaust unit grease filters and replace any that are damaged or have excessive grease built up on them.


What is the process for oiling kitchen machines/equipment?

As you are cleaning your equipment, it is important that you also lubricate the motors and moving parts with food-grade lubrication. Conventional lubrication is not sanitary enough to use on kitchen equipment that is used to process and prepare food.

Proper lubrication will reduce friction between moving parts. This will work to prevent overheating of the machinery. Remember to never apply any more lubricant than necessary and always wipe off any excess immediately. Refer to the guidelines in your manufacturer’s user manual for additional information.

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